BlackBerry Limited is beta testing new features for its instant messaging app, BBM, reports Crackberry.

The new features being tested includes a text quote feature, private chat option, edit sent messages, order sticker packs, timed messages and pictures and the ability to retract sent messages.

To quote texts for instance, users will hold on to the message they intend to respond to and once it’s highlighted the user selects the quote text option. Private chat on the other hand will ensure that the conversations between users are automatically deleted once the channel is inactive or exited on either ends. Also in private chats, notifications are discreet and contact information is not displayed.

The latest features also come with fixes on previous bugs like Apple keyboard rendering issues and slow BBM performance.

These new features as earlier said are currently in its beta phase and will be made available once it passes the litmus test. You can take part in the beta testing of the new features here.

BlackBerry has been coming up with new strategies to shore its dwindling market share. Recently, TechCabal reported that the company is looking into shipping its next range of smartphones with the Android OS.

Blackberry Limited had earlier in the year released additional features on its BBM app, including custom BBM PINs, Android Wear support, password protection and landscape mode for iOS users.

Source: Crackberry

Lulu Fadoju Author

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