Nigerian startup, Kosavadeals, is a listing for coupons and discounts that are redeemable in Lagos stores. Its services are similar to RetailmeNot, an online marketplace for coupon deals.

In a pitch to TechCabal, founder/CEO, Oyihoma Saleh, said the product enables shoppers redeem coupons both in-store and online.


“We want to provide shoppers ease and convenience in terms of discovering and staying on top of promotional offers from their favourite stores in Lagos,” Oyihoma Said.

The website does not have a lot of promotions and deals listed for now, but Oyihoma tells TechCabal that new coupons are being added every day as it is discovered and they plan to ramp up the stock of their coupons over the coming months.

The platform is intuitive and provides information about terms and validity windows of the coupons it publishes.

Kosavadeals is actually leading in a new space here. DealDey, founded in 2010 by Sim Shagaya before he went on to Konga was exclusively listing daily deals till it began to edge into an e-commerce model. A proposition like Kosavadeals well executed could drive massive traffic to the platform, because really, who doesn’t want a free one?

Image: Tech2date

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