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International Bitcoin company, BitX has announced that it will be launching its Bitcoin Wallet, Exchange and Merchant services in Nigeria.

In a release made available to TechCabal, the company said the availability of BitX in Nigeria will enable Nigerians make bitcoin transactions by purchasing it with Naira through BitX Wallet, trade Bitcoin on the BitX Exchange and also make use of the BitX API by integrating it into relevant products.

Bedsides using Bitcoin to purchase goods and services only, users can also receive Bitcoin and convert it to its equivalent in Naira through their local bank accounts.

“We are very excited to launch a broad suite of Bitcoin products and services to the Nigerian market, all with the view of making it easier for Nigerian consumers and businesses to buy, sell, store and transact in Bitcoin,” stated Marcus Swanepoel, BitX CEO.

Swanepoel also indicated that the company will extend its compliance to virtual currency regulations and security procedures against money laundering and fraud into the Nigerian market. The company is also working with a couple of businesses in order to introduce new products into the market.

The BitX Wallet is available on iOS and Android devices.

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