Cape Town-based travel company, Drive South Africa has released an app that creates a checklist of the new child visa requirements passed into law in South Africa.

In a release made available to TechCabal, the company revealed that the Child Visa Checklist App enables users view and print a checklist of requirements for kids below 18 traveling in or out of South Africa, in three steps.

“[The regulations] are confusing and might even make people think twice about travelling to South Africa,”</em? said Andre Van Kets, Drive South Africa’s co-founder and marketing director. “This confusion, and the harm it might cause South African tourism, prompted the development of this simple to use web app, which cuts through the legal jargon and helps South Africans and non-South Africans alike with what they need when travelling to and from the country with their children.”

Child Visa Checklist app is available on web and mobile devices and so far has 11,000 users from 123 countries.

Image Credit: benzayb218

Lulu Fadoju Author

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