Outside of pirated CDs and illegal file sharing, Nigerians are beginning to celebrate their own in a way more profitable — to the content makers. We are visiting YouTube more.

YouTube data says views from Nigeria increased by 78% in 2014 and Nigerian content increased by 95% on the website. Of course, a lot of this content consists of music videos from popular music acts, but other types of content are becoming popular. And racking up decent following too.

YouTube stars are becoming a thing in Nigeria and here some of those to watch out for.

1. Olisa Adibua (The Truth)


Source: YouTube

Olisa Adibua started his YouTube channel back in August, 2014. On it, he interviews big names in the Nigerian entertainment industry and then sometimes, random public figures. The goal; get to the truth. The vlog stays true to the name; the Truth and you are wont to see a fresh side to the lives of the a-list interviewees he features on it. Olisa is also a show host on Nigeria’s Beat FM Lagos station.

2. Toke Makinwa (Toke Moments)


Toke Makinwa has a day-job working her voice as a VJ at Nigeria’s Rythm 93.7 FM, but when she gets home and kicks back, she’s giving jewels of advice about love and relationship. Think of it like a vlogger, Nigerian version of Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. Guys.

3. Bellarose Okojie (TechCity NG)


Source: TechCityNG

BellaRose Okojie is the in-house reviewer at the TechCityNG vlog. The channel reviews gadgets and explores the consumer side of technology and has a good going with a mainstream, scarcely tech-inclined audience. Bellarose is also a VJ. She works at the Inspiration FM Nigeria, and brings her enthralling delivery from years working on Radio into her vlogging.

4. Naija’s Craziest

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Source: YouTube

This band of funnies have the most interesting, satirical commentary on politics, the entertainment industry and general social setup in Nigeria; it’s why they have collected such amazing following on YouTube. Once you get past the humor that is a bit rough at the edge, you really begin to enjoy the whole fair.

5. Ariyike Lawal – Akinbobola (Ariyike Weekly)


Source: YouTube

Like Toke, Ariyike talks love and relationships, only she is more sororal about it. More like chicks catching up and bouncing ideas off of each other with all the OMG’s in the right places. It’s all a very light one-sided conversation replete with case studies that make Ariyike’s conversations easy to follow.

6. Mollie Balogun (Naija Runs Girl)

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Source: YouTube

If you need a crash, humorous course on being a Nigerian gold digger, this channel might help…or not.

The garish first-name only, Lolita, takes the online classes here and she does an interesting job. In real life, she is a half English, half Nigerian beautician and hair extension technician whose real name is Mollie Balogun. She isn’t actually a runs girl but her tips are as fitting as they come.

7. Ikenna Azuike (What’s up Africa?)


Source: YouTube

A late entry on the list, Ikenna’s What’s up Africa is the most light, fluffy, and, in the same breath, politically conscious YouTube channel ever on African politics. Ikenna Azuike is based in the UK and used to be a finance Lawyer before he started working on the satirical news show.

The videoblog talks about Africa and intentionally challenges the media cliches on Africa. Ikenna says this is the best darn African news show on the planet. I agree.

Photo Credit: clasesdeperiodismo via Compfight cc

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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