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Ventures Africa and Jobberman came together to rank the Nigerian companies millennials would enjoy working for.

When the dust settled, Konga emerged as the number one company to work for in Nigeria. This is a huge development as Konga didn’t even show up in Jobberman’s 2013 list. Chevron which was number 2 in 2013, dropped all the way to 24 this year. Some companies made impressive debuts on the list including The Nation Newspaper (No. 10), Authentic Value, an IT firm (No. 5) and Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Ltd which beat out GSK and Orange drugs to claim the number 2 spot.

According to the report released on the Ventures Africa website, the survey began in 2014 and involved over 6000 respondents. The results revealed that millennials are not all about the money as the most significant factor when considering a job is company prestige, followed closely by passion and financial remuneration, in that order.

355 different companies were considered and the respondents consisted mainly of employees in the 20-35 age range. The core of the research involved employees rating their current employers based on their current level of satisfaction, salary consideration, level of contentment, career growth, concerns outside work, and work-life balance.

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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