How to make cardless withdrawals on a Diamond Bank ATM with Magic Cash


Ever been in a situation where you want to withdraw from the ATM and you find you don’t have your Debit Card in your wallet?

Maybe you were in a rush and forgot it at home, in your car or at the office, or maybe it just wasn’t at the spot you remember leaving it.

However you slice it, it is frustrating. Terribly so.

Well, we had you mind when we thought up the Diamond Magic Cash. And really, you’ll like it; it’s tailored just for YOU. It’s another value-added service that will give you unlimited access to our Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Magic Cash works with your mobile phone. It doesn’t need a cheque, a withdrawal slip nor a debit card. Pretty cool yes?

Magic Cash gives Diamond Bank customers easy access to withdraw cash from any of the bank’s ATMs, anytime.

It relieves YOU the burden and frustration associated with losing your debit card and gives seamless access to bills servicing, withdrawals and transfers.

Now let’s get you started with this technological solution that makes banking with us an exciting, convenient and secure experience.

1: Send “ATM” to “30811” from your registered mobile phone number that is maintained on your Diamond Bank account.

2: A transaction code will be generated. Use the code to access any Diamond Bank ATM in the country

Diamond Bank earlier in the year, introduced the Touch ID Feature on its Diamond Mobile App.  

With these technological innovations, we have consolidated our position as the most innovative Bank that is progressively changing the face of banking in Nigeria with best-in-class customer-focused solutions.

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