Google appears to have begun rolling out its Google Wallet and Gmail integration in Nigeria.

The integration allows Gmail users to send and receive money via Gmail attachments, powered by the Google Wallet infrastructure.

Local tech press has mentioned the roll out in Nigeria about two months earlier, but there was no way to confirm it. Google did not give any official statement and the dollar attachment sign that allows users attach money was not visible on any computer we found as at then.

We have, however, noticed the attachment sign earlier today. (I have not seen it on my PC, but more than half of the TC newsroom has seen the dollar attachment sign).


Google initially launched the money-as-a-gmail-attachment gateway in 2013, in the US to users above 18, and in January 2015, announced the feature in the UK.

Google still hasn’t issued any official statement regarding the attachment appearances in Nigeria. It could mean a possible expansion to Nigeria, a glitch or something else.

As we went to press, the Google Wallet-Gmail integration service is listed as available only in US and UK.

Photo Credit: Carlos Smith via Compfight cc

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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