Intel has announced its Intel Developer Zone Championship 2015 for developers in Kenya and Nigeria.

The challenge is meant for developers to sharpen and showcase their skills and also get prizes in the process.

The company is calling developers to “come and prove [their] skills [and] reap the rewards”. Developers are required to complete an online training and challenge and get prizes corresponding with the difficulty level they complete.

The competition is currently on and will close on the 31th of December.

Participants can win branded notebooks, t-shirts and the likes for completing 2 challenges, Fonepads for completing 15 challenges, Tablets, Laptops, Realsense cameras for completing of 20 challenges.

These prizes are limited and will be sent to winners on a first come first serve basis.

Interested participants can enter the competition here.

Photo Credit: Ivan David Gomez Arce Via Flickr Cc

Lulu Fadoju Author

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