When I was in the university, I started a business with two of my classmates. The business was simple: we prepared and sold Calabar dishes. Our business, Calabar Kitchen, brought us a 30% return on investment. I am a firm believer in student entrepreneurship as a key factor in learning.

It’s always nice to find students engaging in entrepreneurship. It’s even nicer to find startups that are helping this group of entrepreneurs succeed. This is what Vasiti.com is trying to achieve.

Vasiti.com is an online magazine and a classifieds website for students. Through the classifieds section, students can sell their items, buy new, used or refurbished products, and register any form of service they render on campus. This means that students’ businesses won’t be difficult to locate anymore, and this platform works across all campuses. It’s easy to place an ad, and it’s free. A student in University of Lagos can locate a student doing the same business in University of Ibadan. Maybe, after discovering each other, they can go on to co-found a successful startup later on. Who knows?

I tried finding a product on the website, a pair of shoes. I simply refined my search by selecting the institution and category. The website was quick to load, so also was the search query.

The online magazine section lets students find relevant information on areas such as scholarships, internships, and other education related materials. The website also allows the students access to real time news, entertaining articles and gossip.

Photo Credit: MiBSi via Compfight cc

David Adeleke Author

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