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VC4Africa just launched a research project to obtain the largest ever database on performance of startups in Africa. The database will consist of information provided by African entrepreneurs, giving insight into the performance of their startups.

According to a news release on the group’s website, “Reliable data about the African startup space is scarce and by conducting the ‘Venture Finance in Africa’ research VC4Africa and its partners aim to fill this gap.” The project looks to track the progress of startups in Africa by using data provided by entrepreneurs in the region. These entrepreneurs are encouraged to contribute to the research by filling a survey.

“The research initiative aims to empower entrepreneurs with the tools they need to benchmark their performance and the investors with the tools to understand the market and make informed decisions,” says Ben White, co-founder of VC4Africa.

In the news release, VC4Africa noted that “the research will focus on over time growth, job creation, capital investments, revenue/profit generation, and social, economic and environmental impact.” Personal details of entrepreneurs who contribute to the project, and company names will not be disclosed in the final report. Furthermore, each entrepreneur will get a copy of the final report.

David Adeleke Author

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