Big story today: Nigerian startup that wants to overhaul Africa’s $6B printing sector, Printivo, closed a seed round. Most of the information regarding the deal is kept close to the vest, but we do know the investment is upwards of $100,000 dollars and the investor is the Silicon Valley-based VC fund, EchoVC. Congrats to Yomi Ojo and the Printivo team. What else happened today?

Imagine A World Without … Facebook

You’ll forget it’s your birthday. And your friends’. Every. Single. Year. What else could happen?

Start-Up Accounting 101

On this part of the planet, you do need to understand and talk a bit of finance even at seed stages to hold your own end of the conversation with an investor.

I’m Getting Tired Of Africa Being The Next Frontier

A frontier is by definition a land with nothing to build upon. It’s a field with endless possibilities and Africa is very much like that, but that’s quite a ways off from the destination.

Four Technology Ads That Got It Right

Ideas are common like table salt. What separates a failed idea from a successful one is simple – marketing. Tech companies miss the ball on this one frequently. Fortunately, a few hit the bullseye.

If These 5 Major Houses In Game Of Thrones Were Startups

Imagine if 5 major houses from the Game of Thrones TV series were actually startups. Here is what that would be like.

Locname; The Startup That Wants To Solve Africa’s Poor Addressing Problem

Say hello to the startup from Egypt that is fixing Africa’s poor addressing system with simple, smartphone technology.

A Simple Guide To Business Partnership For Startups

Business partnerships are important in helping startups succeed. Here’s a simple guide to ensure your partnership turns out profitable.

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According to a report via, the Google Cultural Institute – in collaboration with the Kenya National Archives – has launched a digitised version of the country’s National Archives.

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