SlimTrader just announced a $1 million investment from Interswitch. Yay for funding. What they plan to do with the fund is one thing; consolidate their Hotels listing business. Fee fi fo fum. Look out Hotels and Jovago! Meanwhile, it’s also rumored that Jumia Nigeria has laid off 300 of its workers. 

What else happened today?

Entrepreneurs And Superheroes Have A Lot More In Common Than You Think

They may not be able to outrun a speeding train or effortlessly lift a firetruck but they share other fascinating traits.

SlimTrader’s $1 Million Dollar Raise From Interswitch Creates Competition For Hotels.Ng, Jovago

Just like it did with airlines, Slimtrader appears to be looking to install itself as the inventory management system of choice for hotels on the continent.

A Brief History Of Drones In Africa

Africa has leapfrogged more developed regions in integrating drones into everyday use, as seen in Rwanda. What else are African countries doing with drones and how far have they come over the years?

Can Blind People Drive Cars? Technology Says Yes!

We’ve heard the plans to make self-driving cars commercially viable by 2017. We’ve seen flying cars in some futuristic movies. But now, it’s good to point out that technology is looking to help blind people drive themselves.

SlimTrader Receives Million-Dollar Funding From Interswitch To Expand Operations In Hospitality Sector

SlimTrader, the leading turn-key ecommerce solution provider for businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, has received a US$1 million investment from Interswitch

Rumour Has It: Jumia Just Laid Off 300 Workers In Nigeria

If this is true, that’s about 30% of Jumia’s 1000-person strong workforce in Nigeria.

Sorry, Your Smartphone Doesn’t Have Much Longer To Live

Have you ever wondered why your smartphone starts misbehaving at times, when a newer model has been released? This might explain why.

It’s Time African Governments Took Surveillance Seriously And Here’s Why

The currency of the future is information, and if you don’t get it, someone else will, leaving you at a disadvantage. What’s confusing though is why this surveillance issue is not a topical discourse right now in Africa.

The Co-Founder Of Red Media Africa, Chude Jideonwo, Is Having An AMA Session On Radar; This Thursday

The cofounder of RED Media Africa is coming to Radar for an AMA session. This Thursday. For real. Seriously, this is not a drill.

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MTN Nigeria zero-rates Kaymu data usage for the next 12 months

MTN is changing the e-commerce game in Nigeria for good and the competition has a hard time playing catch up. The telco has just announced it has zero-rated Kaymu web and mobile app data usage, opening up the site to over 62 million customers for an entire year.

11 startups chosen to pitch at Seedstars World Angola


Eleven Angolan startups have been chosen to pitch during the latest leg of the global Seedstars World competition, with the winner earning the chance to pitch for up to US$500,000 at the global final in Geneva, Switzerland next year

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