This article focuses on The Joker, as Chris Nolan portrayed him, and Moriarty, as portrayed in the BBC Sherlock Series. The two stories are similar in few ways, if you know what you’re looking for.

First, the Joker & Moriarty are both mortal enemies of the protagonists in each story, and they both have an affinity for anarchy and chaos. Remember when The Joker burned his share of the mobsters money? Remember when Moriarty robbed the Bank of England just because he could?

Second, we can draw a parallel between Inspector Lestrade & Commissioner Jim Gordon. Both police officers, secretly enlisting the help of two intelligent people (Sherlock and Batman) they have no business sharing sensitive police information with in the first place.

Third, in the Sherlock episode, Hound Of Baskerville, and in Batman Begins, a hallucinogenic gas is the villain’s main weapon. Even though it’s more overt in Batman, it’s a similarity nonetheless.

Fourth, Dr. Watson is the Robin to Sherlock’s Batman

Fifth, Mrs. Hudson is similar in many ways to Batman’s Alfred, though she’s a lot less involved than Alfred is.

Sixth, both Joker and Moriarty take down the protagonists by mentally wearing them out. So, what would happen if these two villains met each other? Let’s give them five rounds to duke it out.

1: Hand-to-Hand Combat: The fight would be over within seconds and I’m sure James would be on the losing end. Moriarty doesn’t stand a chance against a much more physical Joker.



2: Mind Games: Very close, but I think Moriarty would edge it. The Joker is mad, but Moriarty was able to outsmart Sherlock Holmes (who, from all indications, is smarter than Batman).

3: A Game of Chess: Moriarty takes this round. He seems more intelligent/calculating than the Joker, and that will give him the edge in a chess game.



4: Both Hunting each other: Joker. Raw.

5: They sit and talk: Two possibilities. Joker would kill Jim Moriarty after a long conversation where they both agree on everything. Either that, or they become BFFs and drive both Batman and Sherlock crazy.

Photo Credit: Antonio, NicoPadilla via Compfight cc

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