Twitter Nigeria, this morning, woke up to the BVNpocalypse. Several individual and corporate accounts have been suspended because people have either not registered for the BVN (Bank Verification Number) or they have registered and haven’t linked their BVN to their other accounts.

But as it turns out, there are also many people who have registered and linked the number to their accounts but still have their accounts suspended. Unfortunately, I am one of such people. I spent the greater part of yesterday moving from ATM to ATM, thinking the problem was with my card, until I found out it was because of this issue. I had completed the process since May 2015, but the nonverbal message from my bank is that my punctuality was not good enough.

Nigerians on Twitter, have been reacting to this situation all morning. Here are some tweets:

Someone thinks 2020 is the most realistic time for the exercise to be completed:

Another angle:

What Tolu Ogunlesi had to say:


And then there’s this part:

The worry about data security:

Here’s another side to it:

Beware of dogs fraudsters

More from the complaints table:

Predicting the future ey?

And here’s what Zikoko Mag had to say about the current BVN drama.

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