Angani, the Nairobi-based public cloud services company, has experienced a service outage. The outage is a result of a crash that occurred yesterday at 11:30pm (EAT). It has led to the corruption of the systems and has affected a number of services hosted on the company’s cloud.

A statement on the company’s website reveals that “Some of the systems have since been restored, but the quality of user experience has been degraded.” Among the affected services are Techweez, Maramoja, Abacus, Yumobile, Hapakenya, PropertyNinja and Ongair.

However, reports from Kenya suggest that this crash has been building up for some time now. Kennedy Kachwanya revealed on his website that the BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) Digital Services that are hosted on Angani’s cloud have been experiencing issues with the service for a few weeks now. He wrote that “then the frequencies of the technical problems increased. Last Friday, the server was down, but we got the warning after it had been down for some time, for another downtime. The warning did not point out the downtime we were facing at the time.”

The degrading services from Angani was strange to Mr. Kachwanya, so he launched an investigation into Angani. His investigation revealed “that the CEO [Phares Kariuki] had been thrown out and the matter had been taken to court.” He added that the more he worked to find out more information about the situation, the more it became clear to him that Angani’s degraded services was a result of internal conflict in the management team.

Tech Moran reports that some aggrieved customers are ready to sue for downtime.

Here are some tweets weighing in on the matter:





Sam Gichuru hopes for the best for Angani


Tom Makau started making enquiries as to the nature of the challenge and this series of tweets followed:




This is a developing story, and we have reached out to Angani Ltd for comment.

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