The latest update to Google Maps for iOS allows you to navigate saved areas offline. Google also added functionalities that show gas prices at nearby filling stations, and the busiest hours of nearby stores.

Google Maps isn’t just about getting you to your destination these days, these new functionalities allow users plan out their time (make trips to the stores when the crowds have thinned out) and also save money (get the best gas deals).

However, only the offline navigation feature is available in Nigeria for now. The functionalities that show gas prices and business’ rush hours are only available in the US and Canada, although the map shows opening hours of local businesses. 

When you think about it though, a feature that shows gas prices is pretty much redundant in Nigeria where the gas price is regulated and is expected to be sold at a uniform price across filling stations.


The most exciting bit in the updates is the offline navigation – which has been available on Android since last month. It comes in handy when going to a new place where you are not sure there’ll be connectivity. The process is not exactly smooth – users are still required to download a certain area – but it’s exciting still.

Photo Credit: Johan Larsson via Compfight cc

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