Seeing discounts on products online makes me happy. Even when I still can’t afford them. I enjoy seeing products tagged with ‘10% off’ or ‘15% off’. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

This is where Picodi.com.ng comes to play.

Picodi.com.ng is a site that collects bargains for online brands in Nigeria. It was launched in November 2015 by International Coupons. Picodi lets online shoppers find discounts and use coupon codes to shop online in Nigeria. It serves both local and international brands like Aliexpress, Jumia, Qatar Airways, Traclist, Jovago, and so on.

Once you get to the website, you will see a list of deals and the brands that are running them. Once you click on the deal, you will be redirected to the brand’s landing page. Picodi simply acts as a deal aggregator, for now. I expected that there would be more details about each deal and guidelines on how to redeem coupon codes – which is what Kosava does. Kosava is another deals aggregating site which also provides details that Picodi doesn’t. Kosava also lets you copy coupon codes directly from its site.

When I clicked on a Jumia deal on Picodi, I was redirected to Jumia’s homepage. Then I got lost. There was no sign of the deal anywhere. However, when I clicked on the deal from Heels.ng offering one free pair of heels with every one pair purchased, and was redirected to their promo page. Don’t ask me why I went looking for heels.

So, the effectiveness of Picodi’s service depends heavily on the dealer’s provision of a dedicated landing page for their deals. If this can be sorted out, then Picodi will be well on it’s way to becoming the great service it has potential to be.

Photo Credit: moore.owen38 via Compfight cc

David Adeleke Author

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