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Padi.ng, an ecommerce website that aggregates inventories of partner stores, is promising to get users’ orders to their location within I hour 30 minutes.

“We have dispatch riders who do the deliveries,” Oduntan Odubanjo, Iconway CEO told TechCabal. Iconway is the company that developed Padi.ng. The company has also worked on other platforms such as Pricepadi which Oduntan says now has 30,000 monthly users.

” We are hyperlocal so we’re able to move things from stores to people really quick. Our average delivery time is at 70 minutes at the moment,” he adds.

It’s not the first time someone has made a similar promise. Primecart, another (possibly) hyperlocal platform that is putting Shoprite inventory online said few weeks back that they’ll deliver under an hour using Uber cabs. A bigger cut in the fulfill time.

We don’t yet know if Primecart works as advertized. The company won’t launch until January 2016. But when you think about it, 90 minutes, or 60 minutes delivery isn’t an impossible reach for a hyperlocal service. Not so much. For instance, an order from Chicken Republic with ACE takes 30 minutes on the average.

So, this could work. And very well too. 

Padi.ng is limited to Ikeja with 15 partner stores. Oduntan says their expansion to other parts of Lagos “will be determined by the volume of customer demands from outside our launch city.”

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