Joe Mucheru, Kenya’s new ICT Secretary, has resigned from the board of BitPesa, the bitcoin trading company, and has started offloading the shares he held on the platform, Techmoran reports.

Mucheru was sworn into office in December 2015 and with the Kenya’s government’s stance on virtual currencies such as bitcoin, Mucheru resigned so that his financial interests will not prejudice his decisions.

According to Techmoran’s report, Mucheru said, “I’ve formally resigned from the board of BitPesa and I’ve put my shares on sale. The process is ongoing.”

He added that he was stepping away from Wananchi Group, a company that he founded in 1999.

Last year, Mucheru promised to step away from the BitPesa board to avoid any conflict of interests, and this decision to resign is the fulfillment of his promise. Before his appointment as the ICT Secretary of Kenya, he was serving as Google’s Sub Saharan Africa Regional Lead and Country Manager in Kenya.

Photo Credit: The Star

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