Nigerian payments platform, Paga, has announced a partnership with transport network company, Uber. The partnership will give riders the option to pay using local debit cards, without facing any of the inconveniences brought about by Nigeria’s Forex situation.

“Our partnership with Uber is directly in line with our commitment to make payments convenient and easy for everyone. Uber riders can now enjoy the convenience of paying for their rides through their Paga accounts or a local debit card without worrying about the foreign exchange rate issues. We are also working on adding the functionality for riders  to pay directly from their bank accounts for the ride. At Paga we are indifferent to the funding source of your transaction; we simply want to help you pay in the most convenient way. We are excited that Uber has partnered with Paga, and look forward to supporting the company’s rapid growth across Nigeria.”, said Tayo Oviosu, Paga’s Founder/CEO, about the partnership.

Ebi Atawodi, General Manager of Uber Lagos added, “We are excited about our partnership with Paga to simplify and improve the payment experience for our riders and driver-partners. This partnership with Paga is built upon a shared vision that payments should be simple and convenient and both our companies are committed to working together to ensure a seamless experience for all customers. Partnering with Paga enables more Nigerians to access the Uber platform, many of which are not yet comfortable using their debit or credit cards. We look forward to providing more Nigerians with a safe, reliable ride at the touch of a button.”

Riders can visit on their mobile devices or download the Paga mobile app to take advantage of the payment option.

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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