There has been much ado on the internet, about the Nigerian 2016 budget. The general sentiment is that the budget is riddled with fraud. Everyone is peddling figures, but it’s difficult to verify anything, because the information isn’t presented in an addressable manner.

To access any of the items on the list, you’d have to visit, and scroll endlessly, through heavy .pdf files. Hardly the best reading UX. All that’s about to change, though.

Oo Nwoye recently tweeted this.

As it turns out, one ‘Demola Ajao retyped the entire National budget in a modular, more organised format. Now, you can access the budget’s different sections really quickly, by selecting the relevant option from the dropdown menu. Check it out, here.

Now, he’s in need of UI designers.

So, if you have skills, and are willing to contribute them to the project, please reach out to him, @dewole10 on Twitter.

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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