M-KOPA Solar CEO Jesse Moore with Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore

M-KOPA Solar CEO Jesse Moore with Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore

Solar energy startup M-KOPA Solar has introduced a potentially game-changing addition to their product line with the launch of a solar-powered flat screen TV.

The TV is part of a package, dubbed “M-KOPA + TV”, that comes with a 16-inch flatscreen TV and built-in digital receiver, meaning users will have access to 26 free-to-air channels without having to get a decoder.


New customers will be required to pay a deposit of KES 8,000 to sign up for the M-KOPA 400 package. This comes with a 20 watt photo-voltaic solar panel, the 16-inch TV, two lights, a torch, a phone charger, and a radio. They will also have to make a series of daily payments of KES 125 for one year , which comes to a total of KES 53,625 (US$ 526), through Safaricom’s M-Pesa.


The solar TV is part of M-KOPA’s strategy to add more lifestyle products to its inventory while maintaining the focus on solar energy.

m kopa solar tv

The TV integrates with M-KOPA’s setup, meaning that customers can hook it up to their existing connection

Customers who have paid off their previous M-KOPA payment plan will be able to get the TV for a daily payment of 50 shillings (US$ 0.49) over two years, which brings the cost to about KES 36,500.

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