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Heard about Growth Academy? It’s a 3-month long accelerator programme run by Co-creation Hub and funded by Intel. Like any other accelerator programme, each of the accepted startups gets mentored by industry bigwigs and domain experts. The idea is to get them to become well-oiled machines as fast as possible.

These programmes usually culminate in a demo day, where these early-stage businesses are given an opportunity to present their products to potential investors and the rest of the public after the programme.

So this is happening…

It’s Demo Day at Growth Academy. My colleague, Bankole is live at the event, and he’s just told me that these are the 10 startups presenting their products today:

1. Tuteria

I’ve just visited their site, and Tuteria connects customers with private tutors & trainers near them for whatever they wish to learn. They manually vet all the tutors on their platform before assigning them to kids, and they offer a replacement if you aren’t satisfied with the first lesson. Pretty neat.

2. Wesabi

Wesabi is an online marketplace to outsource tasks, or find local services like business development, IT support, domestic chores, shopping or whatever, really. Basically, they connect users to verified handymen/artisans. It’s also a great way for freelancers to make a little cash on the side.

3. Dropbuddies

Dropbuddies is an on-demand crowdsourced delivery and errand running service. Translation: if you need to run errands but you don’t want to, or you need to pick up car keys you forgot, or anything like that, you can fill the details into their site, and get an estimate. They are promising delivery within 90 minutes. Lofty.

4. Mamalette

Mamalette is an online community for Nigerian mothers and mothers-to-be to interact and provide mutual support and all that jazz. Especially handy, now that we live in big cities, and many of our grandmothers are still in the village. Omugwo-as-a-service. Lol.

5. Geniigames

These guys create interactive mobile apps and African web content for kids. The idea is obviously to preserve culture by taking African experiences and repurposing them for digital mediums. At the moment, they have built 12 apps and are serving 10,000 users across the continent. There’s also talk of a TV series further down the line.

6. Vacantboards

I think the name pretty much explains this one. Using Vacantboards, you can book different outdoor advert spaces. Advertisers can also track Return-on-Investment on their outdoor campaigns.

7. GoMyWay

GoMyWay connects passengers with drivers going in the same direction who have spare seats to share. Great way to reduce the number of cars on the road in Lagos, and make drivers an extra buck.

8. Verge

Verge has built a retail management app for small businesses. The idea is to help small business owners manage inventory and make smarter, data-based decisions using analytics. The name does reminds me of a certain technology website though.


Edves Suite automates manual operations in schools and colleges.

10. Eazyhire

When buying is not an option. Eazyhire lets you rent pretty much anything and have it delivered to you. Goods, supplies, services, everything.

The programme is funded by Intel, and the event was supported by brands like MainOne, Jumia, Etisalat, Insight Communications, Rack Centre, Google, Oracle, The Nation, among others.

Agatha Gikunda, Intel

Agatha Gikunda, Intel

Just in: This “demo day” isn’t like anything we’re used to. The Growth Academy startups have been in the programme for just one week! “This is the beginning of a 3 month process”, said Femi Longe, at the end of the pitch session. Flipping the accelerator/demo model on its head means that potential partners (and funders) have been introduced to the startups at a stage in the 3 month acceleration timeline that makes a lot of sense for all concerned. For the ones that pan out, the benefits of said partnerships will begin to manifest before the programme elapses. Good one, CcHub. Good one.

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