tay ai

Remember Microsoft’s bot, Tay? She was taken offline after the internet gave her a crash course in racism. Well, she came back back online at around 8:30AM (GMT+1) this morning, and started spamming everyone.

She’s been tweeting the phrase, “you’re too fast, please take a rest…” at everyone who’s following her.

And no one can join in the “fun” because her Twitter account’s protected.

Clearly, nobody know what’s going on here, but it’s possible that “you’re too fast, please take a rest…” is a pre-programmed response for when she receives too many mention notifications. I’m sure her deactivation didn’t stop Twitter users from tweeting at her, and when she got reactivated 30 minutes ago, the flood gates got opened.

My Editor, Bankole thinks it’s a feedback loop gone rogue. Either way, it looks like Microsoft has some ‘splaining to do. It’s perfect timing because today’s the first day of their Build Conference.

Lol, and there’s always this guy:


Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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