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Instagram published on their blog, that users will now be allowed to “tell their stories in up to 60 seconds of videos”. Since the beginning of the year though, advertisers have had the option enabled for them.

Since videos were introduced back in 2013, they’ve remained restricted to 15 seconds and they’ve spurred a new form of storytelling (and a number of IG comedian careers). It’s forced content creators to get pretty…creative, to cram all that information into 15-second nuggets. I reckon that it’s this demographic that will benefit the most from the update when it gets rolled out across the board.

That becomes even clearer when you consider that they’ve also given users the ability to create a video from multiple clips from the camera roll. Perfect for comedians and other content creators who normally would have had to do all the editing in another app before cropping and importing to Instagram.

Video has become an integral part of everyone’s social media/internet strategy. Facebook is doubling down on Live, Google’s got YouTube, Snapchat can be said to have started a mini-revolution with their Live stories, and even Twitter joined the party by acquiring Periscope.

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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