New Google Calendar App Now Available For iPhones and Android

Last night, Google announced Goals, a feature on their Calendar app to help users make time for goals they’ve set for themselves like doing Yoga, running or learning a new language and all that jazz.

The brilliant thing about it is how flexible the app is. It helps find all the free spots in your busy schedule to do the little tasks that contribute to achieving those long term goals. After telling the Calendar app what goals you want to achieve, preferred time of day, and how often you want to do the tasks, it will look at your schedule and find a way to fit the goals into any open spaces.

Goals create_FINAL


If you manually add an event that clashes with one of your goals, Google Calendar will automatically reschedule for you.

Goals reschedule_FINAL


If something comes up and you can’t perform the task right away, you can “Defer” it and Calendar will find a new slot for it later.

Goals defer_FINAL


Google has also said that it will the more you use it, it will get better at scheduling these tasks for you. Machine learning, I presume. Of course, it all depends on you planning your ENTIRE life in Google Calendar, which I don’t think many people do at the moment. I’m definitely going to give it a shot and see if I can get myself to finally learn German.

Wünsch mir Glück

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