David Afrivac

His name is David Obasiolu, and it all started with one tweet.

…and a reply from Mark Essien, founder & CEO of Hotels.ng

I like that Mark did not get hostile, as is the default reaction from most people when their hard work gets…trivialised.

I saw the tweets, laughed at the exchange and didn’t think much of it afterwards. Imagine my surprise when I learnt David spent the next few days building a hotel-booking platform named Afrivac.

He registered the domain on April 14, a day after the exchange…


I had to check, incase there was any foul play going on here…

…and by Saturday, April 16, he was done!




While it appears that he based his UI design on the ever-popular bootstrap template (unconfirmed), it’s hard not to admire his spirit. And admire his spirit, Mark did.

Mark Essien was impressed and offered him a job at Hotels.ng

…but David turned it down. He wants to “compete”.

He’s already started contacting investors…

How long till David realises that building a website is the easy part?

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