Last week’s TechCabal Live episode is probably the longest we’ve done yet (over 45 minutes), and doing the gadget roll call was as fun as we thought it would be. President Ire also joined us to talk about her gadget trove — she’s got five Apple devices, a Remix tablet, two pebble watches, a Kindle, a Raspberry Pi and so on.

We did have a ton of fun, and the funniest part of it for me, was when some dude from Israel dialed in to ask whether Africans speak Africana. I kid you not. Oh, and we gave away 2 units of the Remix Mini Android PC (congrats to FemiPhoenix, and Davirus). You should definitely watch the replay on our YouTube page.

So. What do we have in store, this week?

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Ask TechCabal Anything.


No, seriously. Anything. Bankole, Tola and I will dial in at noon tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27, 2016, take questions from everybody and answer as many as we can, until we run out of time.

I’ve spent the past 6 years of my life hopping between professions (partially because I have the attention span of a goldfish). I did a bit of graphics/web design, repaired computers to make money in school, I did a little runway modelling (believe it or not), I was an electronic music producer for ~5 years, built a few synthesizers/patches in a language called Max/MSP, I started composing film/game scores, and somehow, I ended up as a technology journalist.

Did you know that Bankole’s a trained lawyer? Got called to bar, too. That is, before he ventured into blogging, and eventually into tech blogging. Somewhere along the line, he joined forces with Seyi Taylor, and together, they founded Big Cabal Media. You probably already figured out that Big Cabal Media owns TechCabal. Bankole’s also one of the best writers I’ve ever met. Great guy, too.

And Tola. Well, Tola is a faceless ghoul that likes to haunt little kids at night. Amongst other things. JK. You’ll have to ask her yourself.

So, whether you want to know why I’m so mercurial, or you want to know why Lordbanks locked his hair, or you want to know what (or who) Tola had for breakfast, or anything else for that matter, join in the conversation at noon, tomorrow.

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See you there?

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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