Bad guy /bad ɡʌɪ/: contrary to its formal connotation, bad guy refers to anyone who is super cool, or formidably impressive. Simpler put; a bad guy is actually a good guy.

Gather round, children. Let me tell you a story. While men slept, someone started building an innovation hub in Abuja using shipping containers. His name is Kola Aina, and he’s CEO of Emerging Platforms Group, a technology solutions provider based in Abuja.

He started his journey by bagging a First Class degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Savannah State University, and then an MBA, from Georgia and Bowling Green State University. He worked as a Financial Analyst at Fifth Third Bank in Ohio, USA after which he moved to Nigeria to work with Regent Group as a Manager, Corporate Strategy. He got a promotion to Senior Manager – Finance and Strategy soon after that.

6 years ago, after his 2 year stint at Regent Group, Kola started Emerging Platforms when he and his partner wanted to do more than just build mobile apps (their cash cow at the time). Their mission was to build a technology company that would serve as a platform through which others can achieve their dreams…aaand make a little profit in the process. It was this company that birthed Ventures Platform, the tech hub being built with just shipping containers.

So far, things are looking up because Kola’s company has a rather impressive client list. From taking charge of National Open University’s e-learning efforts, to building a distance learning platform for UNN. Now, they’ve set their sights on transforming Healthcare delivery in Nigeria as well as starting a few coworking campuses/innovation hubs and in some cases, physically investing in burgeoning startups. His proficiencies range from Project Management, to Product Design, to Financial Analysis and Modelling, to Process Optimisation, to Disruptive Software [sic].

Translation: Kola is a bad guy.

A lot of the work he’s done has been B-2-big-B, and B-2-the-Nigerian-government so your sins are forgiven if you don’t know him. You will, because he’s helping to build the the future of Nigerian Technology and creating a ton of jobs in the process.

Kola likes art, music and wristwatches and he has agreed to have an Ask-Me-Anything session on our companion forum, Radar. It’s happening next wednesday, June 1 at noon and everyone is invited. So, see you there?

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Update: the thread is live right now. Ask Kola your questions here.

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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