MyCiti Capetown

A South African network infrastructure provider, VAST Networks has partnered with MyCiti, a bus transit company, to deliver on-board internet access to commuters on the service. MyCiti buses are BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), 10 of them have been fitted with WiFi routers, and all 380 in Cape Town will join the party soon.

They are dubbing it a “first for South Africa”, even though Tshwane has had Wifi-enabled buses since last June. Users in Cape Town are given 50MB, while users in Tshwane have 500MB of data free-of-charge everyday, after which you’ll have to pony up to continue using the service. Speaking of value added services, HTXT wrote that users can also access news, weather reports, etc. The “infected” buses will have a WiFi available here tattoo on them, to let you take well informed, important life decisions like whether or not to jump in. Meh.

Source – HTXT

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