At their 4th annual strategy and activity update in London yesterday, Orange telecom announced a bunch of products targeted towards users in the Middle East and Africa. The first of the bunch is their Orange Rural Electrification Programme, which is a set of micro-grids (or Solar kits) that will be subsidised by Orange. The project will under go a 6-month test-run in Ivory Coast, Senegal and Cameroon, starting this November. Asides from the CSR part of this, I suspect it’s all to get people at the bottom of the pyramid (the largest demographic) to start using their mobile money product, Orange Money.

They also launched a Smart electricity meter, which will be tested in Tunisia, NFC Coins, which is their contactless payments solution coming to Mali, Guinea and the Ivory Coast, and #303# My Store, an app store that lets service providers…provide services to users via USSD.

Source – Orange

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13th March 2019

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