We got a hint when Bankole made the Great Breakfast Call of Yaba, June 23, 2016, but it’s out now. If you paid any attention to (or happened upon) Cafe Neo’s Instagram page yesterday, you’d have seen them organise a #LocateAndWin #FindingNeo #NeoOnTheMainland competition-thingy. They announced that Cafe Neo was coming to the Mainland and had people guess the exact location Cafe Neo’s coming to before 5pm for a chance to win…(I’m not sure, they didn’t say, but let’s call it)…stuff. Pretty much everyone in the comments thought it was Ikeja or Maryland Mall, but nah.

Even though the Find-a-Neo section of their site hasn’t been updated to reflect the change, Cafe Neo’s in my backyard Yaba, guys. Yay! says my taste buds, Nay! says my wallet, and *shrug* says me, while I make my way every other day to the 2nd floor, E-Center (that’s Ozone, for the initiated) in Sabo, Yaba as soon as they (officially) launch. The one thing I’m more pleased about than this Cafe Neows is that our people can now have great Coffee while arguing about what to call the technology ecosystem that is unraveling in Yaba (instead of calling it what it’s already called and going ahead to build the companies that will populate said ecosystem). 🙂

Aside: From what I’ve seen, Cafe Neo has one of the best newsletters out there.

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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