Surely, you’ve noticed that in the past few months, a slew of African startups have made it into what’s arguably the world’s most popular seed accelerator programme, YCombinator. Tress, Paystack, Kuhustle, and (more recently) Flutterwave are the few that popped in my head, but YC says around 30% of the startups in their Summer 2016 batch were based outside the US before getting into the fellowship.

I just read on YC’s blog that they are visiting 11 countries this fall, to meet with startup founders and learn more about how they can be helpful to international startup communities. As you probably already figured out, Nigeria is one of those countries, and the only one in Africa to receive YC partners. Their first stop is OIIE’s StartUP Friday at 3:30pm on Friday, September 23, at Landmark Event Center in Lagos. Next, they will have a fireside chat with Oo Nwoye’s TechCircle, on September 24. After the fireside chat, they will have an “Office Hours” session with Andela at 10am on Monday, September 26, and finally, on September 27 they’ll have another Office Hours session in Abuja.

Click the links above to register, get your pitch decks ready, and brace yourselves, for come September, YCombinator commeth.

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