A lot of (otherwise) brilliant people go about building shiny new gizmos/apps/services without putting a lot of thought into the experience they end up creating for the end user. On August 10 (that’s Wednesday evening), TechCabal and OLX convened a Masterclass at iDEA Hub’s first floor, to talk about building products, interfaces that humans will actually interact with.

In the same vein, we brought the cavalry a small army of people who spend their days thinking about how the products they build affect the lives of the users that use them, to come talk to designers, developers, and really, anyone else who cared enough about to register and attend the Masterclass.

The speakers were Stephen Ballot (Chief Technology Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa at OLX), Stephen van der Heijden (the Consultant Product Owner, OLX Sub-Saharan Africa), Kene Udeze (UX Lead at CcHub, and convener of a community of UX designers called Usable), Ire Aderinokun (Design & Tech Lead at Big Cabal Media). Oh, and we had SMALL CHOPS.

Things got started when TechCabal’s Editor-in-Chief, Bankole Oluwafemi got people put down their small chops and pay attention.

Bankole Oluwafemi, Editor, TechCabal

Then he introduced Stephen and Stephen…

(L-R): Stephen van der Heijden, Stephen Ballot

Stephen and Stephen then delivered their presentation…

Front: Stephen Ballot, Back: Stephen van der Heijden

Stephen van der Heijden

After their presentation, Bankole came back on to introduce Kene Udeze


Bankole, introducing Kene Udeze

Kene delivered his presentation titled Designing for Humans, about…designing for humans

Kene delivering his presentation

Up next was Ire “Ire da Gawd” Aderinokun, Head of Technology at Big Cabal Media

Major key from her presentation was that the “user is drunk”


Jk jk

After Ire’s presentation all the speakers came together for a Q&A moderated by Oo Nwoye

Questions were asked…


Questions were answered…

And at the end of the day, everybody committed acts of networking and cool funs were had



The end

You can check out the rest of the pictures here. And if you’re interested, you can get the facilitators’ slides here.

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