You’ll be surprised how much writing time is spent NOT writing. For some people, the largest chunk of the time is spent editing and fixing errors. For some, it’s spent staring at a blank document, day dreaming their way out of a creative block. For me? It’s finding the perfect image.

Something interesting happens when you scroll through your social feeds (which is most likely how you found this post). You look at the image, mentally place it beside the headline, and you decide based on the interplay between the two (or whatever metrics your brain chooses) whether or not it’s more interesting than what you’re currently doing.

Next stop…Snapaya. Right. So, Snapaya is a collection of high resolution photographs that are free to use. The photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license. That means that the material published on the site can be copied, altered, shared, and whatever you haven’t thought up yet and you don’t have to ask for permission to do any of it. Pretty sweet, if you ask me. What I’m pleased about is not what exists right now (there’s more quality than quantity on the site), but it’s what it could turn out to be when the collection becomes a behemoth.

Do check it out, and contribute, if you take great photos and people like me will thank people like you.

P.S. Can I say that I was sold when I saw the “First of all, scroll down low” call-to-action? I know, I know, I’m cheap hack and I’m easy to impress.

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15th December 2018

As far as I can recall, I’ve owned seven phones in the last nine years, four of which forcefully ended up with people who needed them more than I did. Out of the remaining three, I recall handing one down to a younger sibling and disposing another in a waste bag during spring cleaning. I haven’t given much thought to where my current phone will end up when it no longer serves its purpose. Until now.

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