Uber Kenya has partnered with Corporate Helicopters, a Nairobi-based helicopter charter service, to give some of their riders the opportunity to see the cities of Nairobi and Mombasa from 10,000 feet up. They’ve called it UberCHOPPER, and it will hold on Sunday, September 4. There are two ways to secure a pair of seats on a chopper: you can either win them online, or request them via the Uber app and see if you’re lucky.

To win the tickets online, you should watch the GIF below, and take a screenshot of the Uber CHOPPER directly above the giraffe, follow all Uber Kenya and Corporate Helicopters’ Social Media pages, post your screenshot with the hashtag #UberCHOPPER as well as your city (#Nairobi or #Mombasa), tag Uber Kenya, and Corporate Helicopters and one person that you’d love to share your chopper ride with. Tell Uber why you picked that person, and if your entry is one of their favourites, they’ll offer you a ride scheduled for September 4.

If you don’t want to go through all that stress, you can just enter the promo code, CORPHELIKE to unlock the UberCHOPPER option. At 10am on Sunday, open your app, pair up with your partner, move the slider to the right, and try to hail an UberCHOPPER ride. If you’re connected, the driver will call you, and he/she will take you to the helipad. I wouldn’t bet on this option though, because Uber will only give the tickets to the first person who hails the UberCHOPPER ride. You better get screenshotting (is that a word?).

Terms. Conditions. What would we do without those? Uber will announce the winners of the Social Media competition ahead of time. Your guest must be with you at your pickup location. You both need valid IDs to board the chopper. The flight should take 20 minute,s but you should clear your schedule for 6 hours (you never know what happens in the Kenyan skies). And of course, all air services will be provided by Corporate Helicopters. Uber hasn’t gone and bought any Helis or anything.

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15th December 2018

As far as I can recall, I’ve owned seven phones in the last nine years, four of which forcefully ended up with people who needed them more than I did. Out of the remaining three, I recall handing one down to a younger sibling and disposing another in a waste bag during spring cleaning. I haven’t given much thought to where my current phone will end up when it no longer serves its purpose. Until now.

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