TechFest is holding at the Landmark Event Center, Oniru, Lagos, on May 15 & 16. (Credit: TechFest)

For an ecosystem to achieve its true potential, its respective parts have to engage each other continually to catalyse the realisation of that potential. That is what Diamond Bank is hoping to achieve with TechFest.

The event is positioned as both a conversation about, and celebration of, home-grown startups who are using technology to change the Nigerian narrative. And you don’t even have to be super immersed in the ecosystem to participate – it’s free and there really is no barrier to who can or can’t attend.

TechFest will hold on May 15 and 16 at the Landmark Event Center, Oniru, Lagos and Diamond Bank is collaborating with partners like MTN, Visa, Microsoft, NIBSS, Deloitte, Interswitch and Beat FM.

For a better idea of what to expect; there will be exhibitions, a lounge for techpreneurs to network with angel investors, partners and other collaborators, and a special event called “Battle of The Hubs” where 5 incubation hubs will pit two of their best startups against each other.

Now, if you are not yet excited enough, you can check out the reveal video for more inspiration. Or just go ahead and register for free here.

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