Last year’s TECNO Spark was truly an astounding phone, bagging itself ‘the best camera smartphone that offers value for money.

But as we all know; the smartphone industry doesn’t sleep, and the stiff competition always keeps smartphone makers on their toes as they constantly strive to outdo each other. This obviously drove TECNO back to the drawing board and the result is something truly special- the TECNO Spark 2.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to TECNO’s latest Spark 2, here are key upgrades that sets the Spark 2 apart from its predecessor, the TECNO SPARK.

Spark vs Spark 2: Camera and Display

The new TECNO Spark 2 flaunts an improved camera, and this time, it is a big deal, as the smartphone doesn’t just feature a flawlessly bright camera set-up but also showcases several upgraded top-of-the-line specs.

At 13MP + 8MP cameras (front and rear), this smartphone offers the best for that bright and clear picture you desire- at the best price value. The Cameras of the Spark 2 are well optimized for low light photography compared to its predecessor which flaunts a 13MP and 5MP rear and front cameras.


The TECNO Spark 2 flaunts a display that is 12.5% brighter than its predecessor.

With the use of Provision algorithm technology, the screen brightness on the Spark 2 was upgraded to 500nit, compared to last year which is 400nit. This means the display is clearer and brighter when viewing photos, watching movies and playing games.

In all modesty, the TECNO Spark 2 is a feast for the eyes and what makes it so special is the 6.0-inch Full view display which is the latest trend in mobile technology.

Just like the last edition of the Spark, TECNO Mobile has boastfully declared that the new Spark 2 is the smartphone with the brightest display and camera.

The upgraded MIXFLASH2.0 which is obviously better than the 1.0 version has made sure that feat is established. This time the Spark 2 doesn’t just come with a Mix flash, it comes with a Dual Front Flash + three-ring Flash at the back that helps to illuminate the darkest of an environment.

To make the picture quality of the Spark 2 even better, it comes with a blue glass which filters out 50% more noise and for an appealing clarity. With the newly integrated background blurring algorithm on the Spark 2 front, taking selfies has not been this dope.

Spark vs Spark 2: Design? TECNO sure went all out with the Spark 2

On the screen size, the TECNO Spark showcased a 5.5-inch display with bezels while the TECNO Spark 2 lands at the top of the class for its looks showcasing a 6.0-inch 18: 9 display for an immersive movie, gaming and picture experience.

Spark vs Spark 2: Battery

In the battery department, the TECNO Spark 2 still dominates as it stomachs a 3500mAh battery which is 500mAh higher than last year’s Spark. 

New Features

Other features that differentiate the Spark 2 from the regular Spark includes an Android 8.1 Oreo Go operating system that is optimized to work with low RAM devices making the Spark 2 significantly faster than its predecessor. There is also an advanced security Facial ID feature that unlocks your phone in just 700 M/S

With a retail price of N36, 200, upgrading to the Spark 2 wouldn’t be a bad idea as you enjoy more features for less amount.

For a full specs comparison, check out the table below:

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