For many years, we were led to believe that there was just one legal route to becoming wealthy; going to school, getting good grades and then getting a good job. Eventually, people realized that more than one road leads to the market. The roads, however, multiplied when the concept of the internet took off. E-commerce is becoming an integral part of retail, most businesses now have a digital footprint, and data is slowly becoming the next best digital currency.

Online Business – The Road Less Travelled

Although the internet and other associated innovations have greatly multiplied the road to greatness, we still have very few people who are willing to take that path. As usual, we still have many hesitant folks who are openly against the imminent revolution.

It is not surprising to see youths who refuse to shop online because they fear that the online store will not deliver the correct item. Also, some people are still wary of online investment in digital currencies because they were once burned by fraudsters perpetrating Ponzi schemes.

The aim of this article is not to discard your fear or to downplay your suspicions. In fact, we are probably going to highlight other fears that you didn’t know before now. We are also going to give you reasons why, despite your fears, you should still forge ahead because there is more to gain than to lose.

The Freelance Economy in Nigeria

In 2008, arguably the worst economic downturn that ever happened hit the global financial sphere and this occurrence caused a lot of people to re-evaluate their career choices. In several countries, this was when erstwhile accomplished managers and financial traders turned to the internet to start e-commerce businesses, and creative directors started selling their services online.

In Nigeria, the concept of freelancing didn’t become ubiquitous due to several reasons. The major reason was due to the barrier to entry. The only freelance platforms available prevented the average Nigerian from signing up or getting paid, besides, the infrastructure in place discouraged youths from getting into the business.

Investors failed to grow the Nigerian freelance market because they also perceived that the masses weren’t ready for such an initiative. This was a time when over 50 million youths in the country were branded as “Lazy Nigerian Youths”, and the hard-working ones were being paraded online for fraud. This was also the time when a lot of university graduates were investing in skills like photography, graphics design, content creation, and programming. The implication was that we had an economy filled with freelancers who weren’t recognized for their talent.

But the story has changed and we have come a long way. Social media has solidified our trust online and we have people advertising their wares, skills, and talent online. It is not uncommon to see tweets about “Please retweet, my buyer is on your TL” and the likes.

But we decided to take it up a notch, why not amplify our strengths by connecting clients to the already-behemoth pool of talents we have?

Overcoming Your Fear of Fraud with TERAWORK

TERAWORK is a leading platform where customers can access a rich, readily available pool of freelancers for prompt responses to orders and fast turnaround of deliverables. The platform has measures in place to ensure that your tasks are handled only by the most suitable hands. From graphics design to web design and data science, the platform has got your business needs covered on multiple fronts.

How Does TERAWORK Eliminate Your Doubts?

Helping you Monetize Your Skill

We all have that friend who is extremely good at a particular task. Whenever there’s a slight issue, that friend is always up and running, and he has that solution that never fails. You might even be the friend in question and you’ve not realized how valuable you are. TERAWORK appreciates your value and will help you advertise your skill to the right audience.

Ensuring that Freelancers Get Paid

Remember all those days of ‘paid with exposure and attention’? Well, those days are over! TERAWORK aims to ensure that freelancers no longer have to beg clients to get their hard-earned money. As a creative designer, you are valuable to the freelance ecosystem and the company understands that constantly worrying about how to get your money will affect your performance.

Ensuring that Clients Get Value for Money

Do you know how bad it is when you hire an artisan or a professional, hoping that you get stellar services, and then the end result is a disappointment? Well, almost everyone does. But with the way TERAWORK manages service delivery, this will soon be history. Not only will you be assured of getting the delivery, you know the quality you’ll get is top-notch.

Assuring You of On-Time and Quality Delivery

In a conventional setting, once the artisan provides you with terrible service, the worst you can do is go online and slander the business. Considering the fact that not many businesses operate online, they will easily get away with such misdemeanor. However, on TERAWORK, the structure of the platform is such that you cannot afford to be nonchalant with the delivery. Hence, you are sure of getting the best service available.


The truth is, TERAWORK is here to knock several drawbacks of outsourcing out of the equation for both customers and freelancers. Like we said before, your fears are valid, however, so are your dreams. Why not soar with TERAWORK today?

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