Patricia today launched its exclusive and eagerly awaited PATRICIA ATM CARD, as some users will call it, Africa’s First Bitcoin card, a global initiative that simplifies the way that its current and new users interact with bitcoin, giving them access to do everyday financial transactions at the swipe of a card.

The firm is offering a simple, single entry-point to the company’s specialized card, a system which gives both old and new users instant ability to withdraw cash directly from their BTC or Naira wallets, make POS and web transactions, and as well withdraw cash, do transfers on any ATM machine just like the regular bank’s ATM card smooth and fast. 

The Patricia Card enables the user to carry out instant transactions with no delay or network issues. The users can partake via their Patricia wallet, which enables them to store their bitcoins, save cash and as well transfer to any wallet both within and outside the eco-system.  The company intends to leverage its insights and customer-centric services, engage new customers, and reach new markets and segments. This is in addition to Patricia’s commitment to financial inclusion, focused based product development, and helping to create solutions that enable a more inclusive economy.

“The thing about vision is that it should be ambitious and futuristic, but achievable. We understand that payments won’t (and can’t) change overnight and that there will be a long transitional phase before the world starts to fully transact in digital currencies. That’s why we combine digital infrastructure with existing card processing and Banking infrastructure. This is a necessary step to drive the mass adoption of digital cryptocurrencies. 

With the Patricia card our users all over the world have access to cash, pay bills, makeover the counter or inshore transactions, buy data and make subscriptions, we allow you spend bitcoin, everywhere and anywhere,” said Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, Founder, Patricia Technologies Limited. 

“Bitcoin is contributing to the rapid digital transformation that makes lives more convenient, simpler, and rewarding. We’re the go-to place for bitcoins trading in Africa. And with the Patricia Card, we invite the next generation of global entrepreneurs to join us,” added Mr Hanu.

Patricia is comprised of a range of award-winning products like Airtime to cash, Refill (data and Dstv subscriptions), and the BTC wallet, products that have helped users in and outside the country access the benefit of financial inclusion, customer satisfaction, and innovation.

To learn more about Patricia’s products and services and how to be part of this change, visit

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