As an artist, digital distribution has become a must in order to reach all your potential fans. And even more so during the current lockdown where artists can no longer have outdoor shows and which has let to significantly reduced ticket sales. An effective and  Smart digital music distribution grows your visibility, not just in your country but globally. It gets your music into as many ears as possible while you are at home. And it helps you get paid for your music according to the reach of your music.

Traditionally, distributors got records into stores and labels got people to go buy them (through promotion). Along the way, each of these middlemen took a percentage of the revenue.

This system still exists today at least to som

e extent and in just a few markets like in Nigeria and other African countries.

But the role of distributors and record labels has changed dramatically. Not to mention the changes the internet has brought in the way people consume music. People spend more time online, and less money on physical music. The pandemic has now even more than ever changed the way listeners consume music and this change may be irreversible. 

Majority of popular digital music distribution companies today many only distribute music to a few American and European digital music streaming and downloads platforms and most of their promotional services only target mainly US markets, thereby leaving 40 percent of the worlds population in eastern Europe and Asia untouched. 

Music distributed through VerseOne Distribution can reach 280 digital music steaming, and download sites and endpoints worldwide including inbuilt music players in some mobile phones such as Samsung and Huawei, airlines such as Virgin Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia Royal Brunei Airlines etc, prisons and correctional facilities in the United States and other locations  worldwide wherever music is being consumed.  VerseOne Distribution can take you there.

The service on offer is a DIY service where you can upload your music yourself without the need for a middleman, but before then its worthy of note that there is an application process that allows you to be reviewed before an account can be created for you. 

Once that is done, you can upload both audio and video assets for distribution. VersOne Distribution doesn’t only distribute video to Youtube and VEVO, but  Amazon video, TIDAL Video, Apple iTunes Video and Xite, Tencent (China), Hungama (India), UMA(Russia), Naver Music (Korea), are all available.

Once music is uploaded, daily analytics for both streams and downloads from Spotify Insights, Apple Music Insights, Deezer Insights, Amazon Insights, Pandora Insights on every product released on our platform so artists can see their results of their marketing efforts in a simple graphical interface.

Other services include playlist pitching, carousel pitching to major streaming platforms, copyrighting and PR promotion services and GOAsia, a special service, where VerseOne Distribution helps international artistes to break into the Asian music industry, in Nigeria they are providing this service to highly talented artistes such as Waje, Cobhams Asuquo and others. 

Digital Music distribution via VerseOne Distribution is currently free for singles and albums, with no monthly or yearly fees unlike TuneCore and others. VerseOne only operates by revenue split with 80% in favour of the artists. Record labels and artists should take advantage of the lockdown season to distribute their old and new music now. 

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