Chaka has teamed up with TradingView, a leading online charting platform used by investors, to help its clients better spot and evaluate investment opportunities in global markets. 

Announced on Friday, the partnership comes after Chaka secured the first license to be awarded to a Fintech entity by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“We’re excited to announce the release of our first Nigerian stockbroker, Chaka,” TradingView’s General Manager, Pierce Crosby, said. “We’re delighted that African traders and businesses can now access TradingView through a local, licensed broker and we look forward to building on this partnership.”

TradingView is a social network of traders and investors. Up to 30 million clients – more than 15.5 million of which are active investors – are in the online investment community, according to data on the company’s website.

Using TradingView, traders follow investment assets, find trading ideas, chat with other investors, spot trends in global markets, assess opportunities, and place trades directly on charts.

Professional traders and investment enthusiasts across Africa that use Chaka can now access the wide trading community on TradingView with their brokerage accounts.

Clients that access TradingView through Chaka will pay fees as low as 0.69%, under the company’s dynamic fee system that helps investors preserve their capital.

In addition to having direct access to over 11,000 assets trading on international stock markets, Chaka’s users get to trade with the help of advanced analytical tools for effective trading analysis. These include six million real-time trading ideas, 34 million user-created charts, and other TradingView community features.

This partnership is equally significant for Chaka, as it becomes the first African broker to launch TradingView for retail investors and businesses on the continent.

“This partnership with TradingView aligns with our mission to enable borderless digital investing for every African,” said Tosin Osibodu, Co-founder & CEO of Chaka Technologies, which owns the platform.

“As we work to expand our footprints on the continent, one of our key objectives is to identify and harness strategic partnerships such as this, as well as leverage our proprietary infrastructure, to deliver world-class, leading tools and platforms for Africans to invest, trade, and build lasting wealth.”

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Osibodu told TechCabal that more partnerships like this are in the pipeline as Chaka intends to continue to leverage them to drive its mission of powering digital investments in Africa.

After a recent $1.5 million pre-seed fundraise, Chaka is also mulling a continent-wide expansion with a planned launch in Ghana in the near term.

For now, Chaka users can only access TradingView by invite, which they can request here.

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