This year, CT Productions will republish The World Ahead 2022 under an exclusive license from The Economist. The publication will contain a section on local content in Nigeria and West Africa, prepared by the editorial team at CT Productions.  

As the world adjusts to a new normal and Nigeria exits recession, CT Productions is delighted to to showcase the Nigerian story to the world. After going through two recessions, Nigeria has become more resilient than ever and has put in place the foundation for a sustainable and inclusive growth. 

CT Productions will notably insist on the key success stories and sectors with the biggest potential for growth in Nigeria and West Africa. From tech to agriculture, and from infrastructure to entertainment, Nigeria holds the keys to unlock West Africa’s true potential this decade. As the country shapes up the future of African growth, CT Productions will once again ensure that Nigeria, its people and companies get the coverage they deserve and are able to communicate their vision and success to the world. 

“This is a truly unique initiative that CT Productions is launching in The World Ahead 2022 under license, a rebranded future-focused franchise which builds on more than three decades of publishing success: the 2022 publication will be the 36th edition. We want to make sure that African voices get represented within such a globally-recognised and read publication. 

At CT Productions, we have always believed in the potential of Nigeria and West Africa to shape up the continent’s future and we look forward to telling that story in The World Ahead 2022”- declared Camelia Oros Tsarouchis, Managing Director at CT Productions. 

The World Ahead is written by The Economist’s prestigious journalists, senior editors from influential global publications as well as acclaimed world leaders which, in the past, have included contributors such as Ursula von der Leyen, Li Keqiang, and Bill Gates.
CT Productions’s licensed edition of The World Ahead 2022 will be available on newsstands early 2022.

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