Last Thursday, the Dogs of Elon (DOE) currency surged by more than 25% before plunging later that day. Dogs of Elon is a collection of Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) featuring a variety of everyone’s favorite crypto dogs, as well as a few strange Elons and zombie Doges.

The collection is available on Opensea, while the DOE token is available on Uniswap and a few other exchanges. Because DOE is a proof-of-stake token, users may stake their tokens and immediately get rewards.

The Dogs of Elon team indicated that on December 1, they will hold a draw for a Tesla Model 3 worth $50,000 in Ethereum (ETH), with winners chosen at random and publicized that day. You must either own a Dogs of Elon NFT or have at least 500 DOE tokens to participate.

Additionally, the team is developing a play-to-earn DOE game. This game, like Atari’s renowned Spaceship game, requires players to shoot enemy Spaceships in order to progress through the levels. The development of a blockchain-based play-to-earn game has the potential to boost Dogs of Elon’s value to an all-time high.

Gamified crypto projects have garnered considerable interest in the crypto sphere. At the moment, Axie Infinity, Crypto blades, and Mist are among the finest. They all have one feature, however: they are much too sophisticated for the average player to handle. That is when Doge Dash attempts to grasp the moment. Doge Dash is a tribute to the original Mario sidescroller.

Players may earn coins at each of the game’s 10 levels by demonstrating their gaming ability or by contributing to the environment. If a player successfully completes all levels, all coins earned will be credited to their connected wallet.

Doge Dash’s difficulty level grows as you go through the game’s several levels. To complete the game, you must navigate a metropolis invaded by zombies and other creatures.

Doge Dash’s mission is to build a library of NFT skins for usage in the game. Additionally, their team will endeavor to expand the NFT collection, recruit new influencers, and promote the asset’s adoption. HUH Token is another Token that is successfully using a similar strategy.

HUH Token seems to be aiming to be the most transparent and open blockchain project possible. Members of the community are having a significant influence via social media and Telegram. The project is also progressing well, and the token will be released on Monday!

The HUH Token is a “Utimeme” that aims to combine the incredible potential of social cultivation with the functionality of NFT platforms and the scalability of a smart contract in order to produce a genuinely innovative product.

The HUH Token white paper has been released, which it aids in the construction of the brand’s objectives and functions. The presale for the HUH Token is over and the token is now available. The project has already received a record-breaking amount of deposits.

Additionally, it has an innovative, intelligent chain-based recommendation engine, in addition to a sizable social following. Through the use of a code issued at the time of purchase, the purchaser of the HUH Token may recommend an unlimited number of persons who do not currently own a HUH Token to buy one. More information on these tokenomics can be found in the whitepaper and on HUH Tokens website.

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