Customers are essential to the lifeline of a business; additionally,  customer communication and feedback are critical to the success of startups. With the scale and nature of online businesses today, it is often difficult to keep track of your customers or users. With customers becoming more tech savvy, they expect premium care, at their fingertips, from the businesses they support. This is the problem that Intercom is solving.

Intercom Early Stage is a program where eligible startups can get a 95% discount on Intercom’s platform with premium access to Intercom tools. Intercom Early Stage allows early stage startups to invest heavily in building customer relationships, grow their self-service offering with Intercom’s bots, and use in-product messaging to enhance their product onboarding experience, which will ultimately drive revenue growth.

Businesses that want to grow and scale are exploring new ways to connect with their customers and collect data that not only helps them retain existing customers, but also helps them to grow and scale their product offerings.

According to Pedro Muller, Director of Startups Innovation at Intercom, 

“Our startup team is actively connecting our founder community to optimize customer experience and growth. We’ve seen a huge growth in the African ecosystem and we are partnering with a variety of local investors and accelerators to support the development of the ecosystem.”

With the global business world relying more on automation and technology, customers desire brand sentience and Intercom Early Stages is helping startups form meaningful connections with their customers. 

Intercom is an all-in-one customer communication platform that provides businesses with the software needed to chat with their customers. Intercom is designed specifically for web businesses and offers these businesses the tools they need to track every interaction from start to finish. Intercom offers startups the tools to provide support to customers, onboard and engage them with personalized campaigns, and also convert visitors to customers. 

With Intercom, sales, marketing and support teams can efficiently manage customer relationships and thereby drive growth. Because every conversation and interaction with your users or customers becomes more personal and stronger, they’ll stay loyal and you can keep track of every complaint.

Why does your business need Intercom?

If you’re an entrepreneur, founder, or a customer service executive, Intercom is the perfect tool to manage and increase customer engagement and effectively grow and scale your business. 

Intercom comes with a host of features that seamlessly enable your startup to communicate with and prioritize customer relationships. With Intercom, you can connect with your customers within one centralized platform. Intercom unifies every aspect of the customer journey— from conversion, to engagement, to support. Intercom automates the most mundane tasks while still giving businesses the tools to make even chatbot conversations personalized.

Intercom gives you the ability to create guided tours, onboard new customers while you’re away, and also tailor in-app and email message campaigns to promote new features and offers.

You can conduct surveys and collect feedback from customers and manage customer data more efficiently with Intercom. You also have the option to integrate Intercom into other 3rd party apps like Salesforce, Hubspot or even Stripe to enable payment.

You can also automate customer service with Intercom’s custom bots that help customers self-serve and resolve issues themselves by providing articles related to customer issues, handling and reducing repetitive questions, and it also prioritizes urgent issues and forwards them to the right teams.

With Intercom, you can segment and track users based on where they are in the user lifecycle–from visitor to paying customer–and this helps businesses track and attend to specific needs based on where a customer is in their journey.

25,000 organizations worldwide rely on intercom including Amazon, Lyft Business and hyper growth Startups like Notion.

According to Kate Taylor, Head of SMB Business at Notion,

“The startup landscape is full of exciting, and innovative companies, and we look forward to continuing to support them. Intercom was critical to Notion’s early engagement with customers. We are excited to see Intercom building a startup program, much like our Notion for Startups program. Startups rely on tools like Notion and Intercom to get their companies off the ground”

When you choose Intercom, you join 84% of Y Combinator companies who use Intercom to manage customer conversations and interactions.

Eligibility for Early Stage

Startups Eligible for the Early Stage program get advanced Intercom features and access to the Early Stage Academy at a 95% discount.

To be considered, your startup must be:  

  • Early stage with up to $1M in funding and be less than 2 years old.
  • Currently have a small user base, 1,000 people reached per month or less.
  • You should have a small team with 5 employees or less.
  • Currently not an Intercom customer.

With Intercom’s Early Stages program you can get access to a wide suite of tools to connect with your customers and effectively scale your business at  a price that fits your budget.

Intercom has maintained a steady momentum of growth across its customer base since its inception in 2011. 

In 2020 the company surpassed $150m in annual recurring revenue. Furthermore, Intercom raised a total of $240.8M in funding in 8 rounds, attaining unicorn status in 2018 after being valued at more than $1bn. 

To join Intercom’s Early Stage program for startups and become part of this revolutionary customer support system, apply here.

To find out more, visit the website.

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