As more commerce shifts online, small businesses in Nigeria and around Africa have limited options to turn to if they want to own and manage their own professional eCommerce stores. The available options require heavy reliance on developers for initial setup and continuous maintenance. They are also quite expensive to manage, complex to use, and often with little to no local integration and support. 

Lightweight eCommerce/storefront solutions are great for micro-businesses with limited inventory, little need for branding & customization, and no need for advanced eCommerce functionalities. However, for high potential, fast-growing SMBs, this is insufficient. 

To solve this problem and make it easier for small/mid-sized businesses in Nigeria to own and manage a world-class eCommerce store for their businesses, Mercurie has launched the second version of their eCommerce platform – Seller. The new platform (Seller 2.0) comes with a re-engineered backend for better reliability, redesigned back-office for easier store management, advanced inventory management, customizable storefront with themes, multiple payment gateways, and other solutions needed by SMBs to scale their businesses.

In addition to the new platform, Seller is also providing online marketing support on Google, Facebook, and Instagram for businesses that set up their online stores with them, and store operations support for business owners with limited time and bandwidth. Essentially, Seller now provides SMBs with a robust platform to power their online sales as well as marketing and operations support to drive sustainable growth. 

To learn more about Seller 2.0, visit their website (seller.Africa), read their engineering blog, or contact them at 

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