Finding good cryptocurrencies to invest in is difficult since it requires actively researching many tokens before you stumble upon that rare gem. Investing in a single token is risky so it is always better to find more than one coin for diversification of the portfolio. We have identified three cryptocurrency tokens that could potentially provide 10X gains if you manage to accumulate huge quantities at the right price. Mehracki (MKI) Token is built around travel, tourism ventures, and meme sharing. Litecoin (LTC) is a payment currency while FTX (FTT) Token is the native coin of the most popular exchange. Let’s discuss the utilities behind these three coins. 

 Mehracki allows tourists to leverage the power of blockchain

The MKI Token will be used as a payment currency and will provide attractive discounts to hospitality business owners and tourists. Users will not need to carry cash or worry about expensive foreign exchange fees while performing transactions with the Mehracki Token. 

Business owners will be able to get rid of expensive third-party vendors and instead make use of the Mehracki network for bookings and transactions. The MKI Token will charge a fixed 0.5% fee for facilitating transactions on the network. The entire network is planned as a DAO and users will get voting powers to help in deciding the power structure of the ecosystem in the future. 

The Mehracki platform will also introduce feel-good NFTs which users will be able to earn depending on their rewards. Business owners will be able to create NFTs to offer discounts and special offers to their clients. The NFTs can also be monetized and users can trade them for long-term gains. 

Moreover, holders of the Mehracki Token will be able to stake and earn rewards by adding liquidity. A passive income reward distribution mechanism will also be set up in the future to encourage users to hold the coin for the long term. Mehracki will be deployed on the Solana chain which is known for processing low cost and quick transactions. The MKI token will be offered soon through a presale and you can accumulate huge quantities to potentially receive high returns once the coin is listed. 

 Litecoin announces the launch of the MimbleWimble upgrade

The Litecoin network has finally announced the exact date for the launch of the long-anticipated MimbleWimble update that will help in removing unnecessary data through compression. It will result in better security and higher speeds by reducing block sizes. It will also help in achieving higher scalability and expand use cases in the DeFi sector. The announcement was made by Charlie Lee, creator of the LTC token via a tweet, “MWEB is currently estimated to activate on 5/19 8:30 pm PT (5/20 3:30 am UTC). We’re thinking of doing a live stream event to celebrate activation. Stay tuned for more details soon.” The LTC Token might experience some price rise after the launch of this crucial upgrade. 

FTT Token second-biggest holding among crypto enthusiasts

As per Whalestats, a site that tracks cryptocurrency holdings, the FTX Token is the second largest coin held by whales after Ethereum. The average amount held is equivalent to $10,125,013. It displays the high degree of trust users have in the FTT Token. The FTX cryptocurrency is used as the native coin inside the FTX exchange and allows users to get access to attractive discounts and airdrops. The FTT Token is widely anticipated to potentially deliver huge gains as a result of the numerous acquisitions by the FTX exchange. 

The three tokens selected above provide a lot of diversity and can help in potentially achieving 10X gains if held for the long term. Always accumulate during times of dip and tackle the FUD calmly. Short-term volatility should be ignored if you wish to make gains on a long-term basis. 

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