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  • Week 24, 2022
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This week, the African tech ecosystem was saddened by the death of Tefo Mohapi, the founder and publisher of iAfrikan

Right until his death, Tefo dedicated his life to spotlighting the triumphs of tech and business in Africa. He will be greatly missed. 

In honour of his work, we’re publishing tributes to Tefo on TechCabal next week. If you’d like to contribute, please send your tribute to

Kelechi Njoku, Senior Editor, TechCabal.

Editor’s Picks

MFS Africa doubles its funding

This week, MFS Africa broke the internet again when it extended its Series C round by $100 million, bringing the total to $200 million.

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NITDA to regulate social media in Nigeria

Months after the ban on Twitter, Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) released its draft of a Code of Practice for social media platforms. With the code, the Nigerian government wants social media platforms to pay tax, delete social media posts within 24 hours, and reveal user information. 

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CASF makes its first Nigerian investment

Egypt’s premier network of angel investors announced its first investment in a Nigerian company this week. The investment of an undisclosed amount was made in Nigerian fintech company CredPal through the Cairo Angels Syndicate Fund (CASF).

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Kenya arrests student hackers laundering money through bitcoin

A gang of Kenyan students have been hacking foreigners’ email credit cards through email phishing and using the stolen money to buy bitcoin. 

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Global Startup Awards makes its African debut

The Global Startup Awards is holding its first Africa Summit in Cape Town, South Africa. The awards will celebrate and support impact-oriented innovation in all 54 African countries. It will also seek to increase the role of corporate venture capital in Africa’s ecosystems.

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Uber partners with South Africa’s police force

After one driver was brutally murdered, and another was badly beaten, Uber has partnered with the South African police to help make its platform safer for its drivers.

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Kenya launches a $34 million forensic crime lab

Kenya is accelerating its crime-fighting capabilities. The country has launched a $34.1 million (Ksh 4 billion) forensic laboratory at the Directorate of Crime Investigation (DCI) headquarters, Nairobi.

TechMoran has the full details

Lagos plans to domesticate Nigeria’s Startup Bill

The Nigerian Parliament is dragging its feet behind enacting the Nigeria Startup Bill (NSB) and Lagos is tired of waiting. This week, the Nigerian silicon valley announced its plans to enact the Nigeria Startup Bill (NSB) for state-wide use.

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Meta wants its Kenyan case thrown out of Court

Remember we told you that Facebook is being sued in Kenya by a former employee over claims of exploitation and union-busting. Now, the tech giant says that Kenyan courts don’t have the authority to hear and judge the case so it should be dropped. Well, do they?

TechCrunch has the answers.

Amazon is on a hiring drive in Nigeria

Amazon has been recruiting salespeople and engineers in Lagos. Although Prime Video streaming service and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are used in Nigeria, the company does not yet have a physical presence in the country. Do these hirings mean that Amazon will be expanding to Lagos soon?

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How many words can you find?

This week, Microsoft shut down Internet Explorer after 27 years of operations. Here’s our own tribute to the browser. How many words can you create from “EXPLORER” ?

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