You’ve probably already heard about telast generation of crypto millionaires. Those guys who bought a few hundred Bitcoin while it was only $1 each. Or slightly more recently, those who went big on SHIBA before it mooned a few months back. These stories are fuel for the crypto industry, and cause many newcomers to take interest. But many of these newcomers often make the mistake of investing in those same coins that have already “mooned”.

While nobody knows the future price of BTC, despite some losses recently, analysts still predict a $100k coin. But that’s only roughly five times what it’s worth now. It’s not the same as buying it before potential 10,000% price gains. So while BTC might still have a viable future, it’s not going to make you a millionaire unless you invest hundreds of thousands. If you’re reading this article, there’s a reasonable chance you don’t have those sorts of funds available. So you need something with a bigger potential upside. And while with bigger potential variance comes higher risk, there are still coins out there that you could choose, and many people are predicting these to have huge futures.

Gnox (GNOX)

GNOX has already surged a ton in price in just a few short weeks. This shows incredible strength at a time when many others are struggling. It could go even bigger thanks to its unique simplified platform for real passive income—one that could bridge the gap between DeFi and regular investors. And it’s still available at a discount while still in pre-sale. The good thing about GNOX is it has both price gain potential and real passive income benefits, so many analysts are predicting big things for this project.

Ox (ZRX)

Ox is an open-source project that enables peer-to-peer transactions on Ethereum. As people look for more control of their money and more decentralized capabilities, it’s well-placed to allow people to swap tokens without having to rely on exchanges or other centralized platforms. While there are a few other platforms that do this, it has got great tech and a lot of potential.

You can currently pick up ZRX (the native token backing the platform) for around $0.28. Down from all-time highs but potentially available at a discount. And imagine if this token reaches the highs some other coins have gone on to achieve. It could arguably make you a crypto millionaire.

Holo (HOT)

Holo is an incredibly unique and useful project that allows peer-to-peer renting of hosting power for the development of solutions and apps on their blockchain. It’s the next generation of hosting, and HOT serves as the native token for the project. And HOT is currently available for around $0.002, an incredibly low price that allows for a ton of growth. You could look at this as a penny stock of the crypto world, and HOT has already shown the ability to reach much higher highs. Perhaps now is discount time for this coin, too.


Becoming a crypto millionaire might be risky, but it isn’t impossible. You might think the last crypto millionaires were only possible thanks to Bitcoin’s surge, but that simply isn’t the case. With GNOX, Holo and Ox, big gains are still possible.

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